500 Subscribers! Thank You to our Subs

We achieved a major milestone reaching over 500 total YouTube subscribers. We cannot thank everyone who has subscribed to our channel enough. How did we achieve 500 YouTube subscribers? Most of our new fans found us after LankyBox reacted to one of our recent videos. That makes us so happy because we are enormous LankyBox fans!

If you are a subscriber we encourage you to head to the video above and tell us in the comments what kind of content you want to see. Should we make more Roblox videos? Open LankyBox merch? Should we unbox other YouTuber’s products like ItsFunneh merch ? Tell us.

Our goal with American Kids Vids is to make positive, energetic, fun and hopefully funny videos that are family-friendly and filled with hope. Continue looking out for more from us in the coming weeks and months.


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