Roblox Airplane Story – Gameplay

We have fun playing Roblox Airplane Story a fun story game that has already produced two sequels. Watch as we avoid snakes on a plane, an allergic reaction to mayo, an unconscious crew and a monster with a grudge. What did we ever do to him? Don’t blame American Kids Vids, we got the good ending!

Roblox Airplane 1 is a funny Roblox game with elements of horror including jump scares. It’s a great mix of everything people love about Roblox. Our channel is devoted to making family-friendly content with no swearing.

Official Description – Roblox Airplane Story

“Welcome to Airplane! This is a brand new STORY GAME, after an exciting vacations trip you and a group of 8-15 more friends are taking a relaxing airplane flight back home. There is nothing that could possibly go wrong… right?”

Want more airplane? Check out Roblox Airplane Story 2 or Roblox Airplane Story 3.

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