Roblox Airplane 2 – Gameplay

The American Kids Vids play Roblox Airplane 2! This is the sequel to the fun story game we recently did a gameplay video on. Watch as we attempt to save the president from a monster capable of impersonating anyone. This included POTUS Ronald himself as well as his many secret agents. Can we survive and get the good ending? Will we face the bad ending? Is there a secret ending waiting to be unlocked? Find out!

Official Description – Roblox Airplane 2

“Welcome to Airplane 2! This is a brand new STORY GAME, after saving a plane from crashing the last time, President of the Robloxia States has invited you and your friends to an exclusive celebration flight! How could something possibly go wrong…?”

We love playing Roblox story games and the Airplane series is one of the best.

Want more Airplane? Check out Roblox Airplane Story 1 or Roblox Airplane Story 3.

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