Aphmau Christmas Plushies – Snowman Cat & Reindeer Cat Plush

It’s Christmastime and what better way to celebrate than by unboxing YouTuber merch? Santa brought Victoria two special surprises this year in the form of Aphmau Plushies. The Snowman Cat and Reindeer Cat plush toys arrived under our tree and we decided to unbox them for you!

Previously we unboxed the Aphmau Donut Cat plush. Victoria loves that adorable little friend and plays with her every single day! In this video we unbox the brand new and very limited edition Christmas plush toys.

Aphmau Christmas Plushies

These two adorable plush friends will remind you of some pretty famous Christmas characters. There is a Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer inspired Reindeer Cat. Also a Frosty the Snowman inspired Snowman Cat!

The Reindeer cat has an adorable red nose, antlers, red paws and lots of Christmas flair. Our new friend the Snowman Cat has a top hat, carrot nose and Christmas inspired scarf.

We love Aphmau and we really love unboxing the merchandise of our favorite YouTubers.

Aphmau Plush Photos

Aphmau Snowman Cat and Reindeer Cat Merch Plush Toys
Snowman and Reindeer Cats having fun!
Aphmau Reindeer Cat plush
Front view of the Reindeer Cat from Aphmau YouTube Channel
Aphmau Christmas Reindeer Cat plush
Side view of the adorable Reindeer Cat
Aphmau Christmas Snowman Cat Plush
Front view of the Frost inspired Snowman Cat
Aphmau Christmas Snowman Cat Plush
Side view of the Aphmau Snowman Cat Plush


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