Roblox Evelyn Full Walkthrough – How to Beat the Game

We’re playing the Roblox scary horror game Evelyn. This Evelyn Chapter 1 full walkthrough gives you all the gameplay to show you every secret and trick you need to complete the level. Roblox Evelyn horror game is a lot of fun. In anticipation of chapter 2 we’re going back to the first part to show you everything you need to finish! Roblox Evelyn Full Walkthrough Secrets Revealed!

This is your guide to all of the puzzles and secrets to escape Chapter 1 of Evelyn in Roblox.

Roblox Evelyn Full Walkthrough Secrets Revealed

Scary Roblox horror games are some of our favorites. Previously we have played Roblox Mimic, The Survey, Teddy and Button Eyes. We also play scary story games like Daycare, Airplane and Slumber Party Story.

Below are all the steps you need to win chapter 1 of Roblox Evelyn. Enjoy!

The Kitchen

You spawn in an old house where Evelyn died. Once you are in the main hallway you want to:

  1. Go to the left and enter the first door on the right.
  2. Take a pie from under the gas stove.
  3. Place it in Evelyn’s place at the table.
  4. A sink plug will appear in the cupboard next to the table. Take it!
  5. Use the sink plug you just grabbed to plug the leaking sink.
  6. Pick up a bathroom key from the broken glass that appears on the floor

You have now completed the kitchen. Time to go on to the bathroom!

The Bathroom

You will now run into a ghost. Oh no! It’s OK just keep going and head to the bathroom. To complete this you must find three different toothbrushes and place them in the toothbrush holder.

  1. Go upstairs
  2. Enter the first door on your right using the key you got from the kitchen
  3. Open the toilet and pick up a pink toothbrush.
  4. Take a yellow toothbrush from the cupboard under the sink.
  5. Grab the blue toothbrush from floor.
  6. Place all three toothbrushes in the toothbrush holder.

You’re now.

The Main Bedroom

There will be a key to the main bedroom near the bathroom entrance. Leave the bathroom and turn right.

  1. Enter the first door on the left using the key you just picked up.
  2. Open the wardrobe and you will find a ghost! NO!
  3. Pick up a small stature of an angel that is on the floor.
  4. Put that angel into the box on the table that is opposite of the wardrobe.
  5. Take the safe handle from the box
  6. Put the handle in the box near the mirror
  7. Grab the key from the box

Other Bedroom

Now you need to leave the main bedroom and turn left.

  1. Open the bedroom door with the key you just picked up.
  2. Take a handle from the case in the corner
  3. Insert the handle into the door of the doll house
  4. Grab the key to the lounge

The Lounge

  1. Head back downstairs
  2. Go in the first door on your right using the key you grabbed in the bedroom
  3. Touch the family portrait hanging on the wall
  4. Press the button that is revealed
  5. Enter the secret passage that opens inside the fireplace
  6. Pus the following sequence snowflake | star | plus sign | dots
  7. Now interact with the doll inside the hidden chamber and grab the red jewel

That’s it! you have now completed the first chapter of Roblox Evelyn. A cut scene is your reward.


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