Adopt Me Neon Wyvern – Mythic Egg Update!

We are making an Adopt Me neon Wyvern that can both fly and ride! The brand new Adopt Me Mythic egg update has arrived! We love these mythical pets and are excited to show off our fly ride Wyvern on our American Kids Vids Roblox YouTube Channel.

Adopt Me Neon Wyvern & Other Pets

Previously we made a neon Merhorse, neon Kirin, neon Wolpertinger. In future videos we are going to make a neon Sasquatch, neon Hydra and our favorite the neon Axolotl! Youtube kids Roblox channel.

Adopt Me Mythic Pet Update

The brand new pets in adopt me are mythical! The mythic egg was released on August 19, 2021. It can spawn adorable new pets.

Wolpertinger – Common

Kirin – Uncommon

Merhorse – Uncommon

Sasquatch – Rare

Hydra – Ultra-Rate

Phoenix – Legendary

Goldhorn – Legendary

This is the 7th gumball machine egg. Previously there was the Safari Egg, Jungle Egg, Farm Egg, Aussie Egg, Fossil Egg and the Ocean Egg. The mythical egg is the tenth limited egg overall.

About American Kids Vids Roblox YouTube Channel

Our Roblox kid safe Youtube videos are family friendly with no swearing just lots of fun. These Roblox kids love to game! They also love to make roblox videos. Make sure to check out all of our videos on this site and our Roblox YouTube channel.


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