We Got LankyBox Baby Plush! Foxy, Boxy, Rocky & STICKY!

We unbox LankyBox baby plush toys! See our latest LankyBox unboxing YouTube video where we show off Foxy, Boxy, Rocky and Sticky as babies! These are rare limited edition plush that were only on sale for 10 days! Adam and Justin say they won’t be offered again so these are very rare.

LankyBox Unboxing Videos

We have unboxed all of the lankyboxshop merchandise from the Box, Box 2, Back to School Box, Foxy and Boxy Hoodie, Cozy Collection, Mystery Eggs, Rocky Plush, T-Shirts and Posters. Our videos are family friendly and show off a lot of YouTuber merchandise not just from LankyBox but also ItsFunneh, InquisitorMaster, Brianna and more.

LankyBox Reacts to American Kids Vids

Adam and Justin have reacted to our videos three different times. Check out the videos!


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