About American Kids Vids

We play Roblox, unbox YouTuber merch and make gaming videos. Our goal with American Kids Vids is to make positive, energetic, fun and hopefully funny videos that are family-friendly and filled with hope. On our channel we play Roblox online, go on family fun adventures, unbox YouTuber merch, talk about LankyBox and much more.

Our videos feature sisters Samantha and Victoria and you can hear their dad JP_AKV in the background playing games online and having fun. Mom helps out behind the scenes too.


Way back in 2016 we made some fun family videos featuring Samantha and her new baby sister Victoria. They loved being on YouTube but JP_AKV and mom found it hard to keep up with a busy YouTube schedule. Looking back at how cute these girls were, we probably should have made more!


A little older Samantha begged and pleaded to go back to making videos. Mom and dad just couldn’t say no. We pulled out the equipment, made a couple upgrades, launched Roblox and the rest is history.

After a video featuring Samantha reacting to LankyBox merch was featured on their channel American Kids Vids got a whole lot of attention! Over the summer we hit over 500 subscribers and in the fall over 2,000! We hope to keep growing.


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