Merchandise is your source for lankybox merchandise! Get all of your Adam, Justin, Foxy & Boxy gear. One of the big things we do on the American Kids Vids channels is unbox LankyBox merch. Take a look at some of the fun videos we have made including the Foxy LankyBox magic mug.

All 2021 LankyBox Merch & Reaction Videos

LankyBox Reacts to American Kids Vids Again!

Adam and Justin featured Samantha and Victoria in a brand new lankybox shop merchandise unboxing video!

All 2020 LankyBox Merch

Unboxing the LankyBox Box 1

The LankyBox Box is an awesome collection of Foxy and Boxy themed items.


  • Boxy Figurine
  • Foxy Magic Mug
  • Character Sticker Sheet
  • LankyBox Lanyard
  • Boxy Phone Grip
  • Foxy Keychain
  • Boxy Pin
  • Foxy Magic Mug

LankyBox Box 2

The LankyBox Box 2 features

  • Foxy Figurine
  • Boxy Magic Mug
  • Foxy and Boxy Reversible Mouse Pad
  • Foxy and Boxy USB Huggers

Unboxing LankyBox Back to School Box

The LankyBox Back to School Box has everything you need to start classes this fall.

  • Mini Boxy & Foxy Plush Toys
  • Notebook
  • 3x Pencils
  • Boxy & Foxy Paper Clips
  • Boxy & Foxy Erasers
  • Foxy Pencil Case
  • Sticky Notes

Purchase the back to school box or the bundle.

Unboxing LankyBox Back to School Backpack & Lunchbox

The LankyBox Back to School Backpack and Lunchbox are must haves for class.

Unboxing the Foxy & Boxy Hoodie

You need the incredibly comfortable Foxy + Boxy Hoodie.

Fashion Show – Foxy + Boxy T-Shirt & Color Changing T-Shirt


LankyBox Cameo – Adam & Justin

In addition to selling merch you can also have Adam & Justin send you messages using the Cameo app. Make sure to book your LankyBox Cameo soon as they are only available for a limited time.

LankyBox Cozy Collection

Everything you need to be able to snuggle up and get cozy with Foxy and Boxy! This Cozy Collection bundle includes:

  • Duvet Cover
  • Foxy & Boxy Pillowcase Set
  • Bed Sheet
  • Fitted Sheet

Foxy Onesie

The LankyBox Foxy Onesie is an extremely soft and comfortable piece of clothing that will keep you warm all winter long! It is made in the style of the popular character Foxy from LankyBox and it is sure to delight any fan. We also ordered the Boxy onesie as well but that is currently on its way from China. When it gets here we will do an unboxing as well.

LankyBox Mystery Egg, Blanket and Boxy Hoodie

The ultimate in LankyBox merch. Features the Mystery Egg containing two Foxy and Boxy plush toys. We also bought the Boxy hoodie! Finally there is an adorable LankyBox blanket.

LankyBox Mystery Egg Unboxing! All Foxy & Boxy Plushies Revealed

The LankyBox Mystery Eggs have arrived and we unbox them to reveal all of the surprises inside. This LankyBox merchandise unboxing video features the latest from lanky box shop. We love LankyBox and LankyBox World!

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