Cute Easter & Spring Aesthetic Roblox Outfit Codes GFX

It’s springtime and we have some cute aesthetic roblox outfit codes just in time for easter! These are some of my favorite roblox outfits to share. Below are roblox outfit codes for girls. These are the perfect Roblox outfits for spring and easter. We love Roblox GFX.

Roblox Outfit Codes

♡ Outfit 1 – Cherry Blossom ♡


Pants & Shirt – Black Overalls & Pink Tank W. Flowers

code: 2827497635

Face – Freckles

code: 12145366

Hair – Blonde Braided Ponys

code: 5860184632

Boho Princess Flowers

code: 6098548706

Glasses – Pink Blossom Glasses

code: 6374955937

Purse – Sakura Shoulder Bag

code: 6097983849

♡ Outfit 2 – Cottontail ♡

Shirt – Pink Bunny Vest Outfit

code: 6516779935

Pants – White skirt w bunny love

code: 5906510653

Face – Laughing Fun

code: 226217449

Hair – Brown Braided Ponys

code: 5860180256

Glasses – Rosey Gold Vintage Glasses

code: 5891250919

Tail – Cutest Bunny Tail

code: 5620404202

Ears – Lovely Lace Bunny Ears in Pink

code: 4850626318

♡ Outfit 3 – Butterfly ♡

Pants – Vintage Pants

code: 5789874421

Shirt – Butterfly Cropped Sweater

code: 5717875815

Face – Whistle

code: 22877700

Purse – Tote Bag Cream Butterfly

code: 6506180819

White Adorable Butterfly Hoop Earrings

code: 6566845417

Hair – Brown Hair w Butterfly Clip

code: 5673626047

Silver Glasses With Butterflies

code: 5197222551

♡ Outfit 4 – Chickie ♡

Pants – .+*chick*+. (squishmallow)

code: 6504539111

Shirt – Easter Chick Crop

code: 4870314690

Face – Laughing Fun

code: 226217449

Hair – Blonde Celebrity Ponytails

code: 6005325038

Hat – White Trendy Hat

code: 4904907858

Purse – White Crossbody Purse

code: 5618341322

Sunglasses – Retro Sunglasses

code: 4936055418

♡ Outfit 5 – Buzzy Bee ♡

Shirt – Tubbo’s Bee Outfit

code: 5965324173

Pants – Tubbo’s Bee Outfit

code: 6196049557

Face – Silly Fun

code: 7699174

Hat – Bee Beret

code: 5163911823

Hair – Shimmering Brown French Braids

code: 4684968628

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