Renaissance Festival Sterling – Kids Travel Vlog

In our YouTube kids travel vlog we talk about going to the Renaissance Festival Sterling NY. We cover the good, bad and sometimes mean things we ran into with this renaissance fair. Don’t worry there was a ton of good!

We share some tips, tricks and guides for parents looking for family vacation ideas. Is this one of the good kids places to go or not? Find out in our American Kids Vids YouTube Channel travel vlog about the renaissance faire.

Note we traveled there with kids in 2021 during the COVID pandemic.

Renaissance Festival Sterling NY

The Sterling Renaissance Festival runs every year in July and August. Located in Sterling New York is a chance for people of all ages to travel back in time and experience a bit of life from another era.

“Tucked within a luscious forest, surrounded by a sea of rolling green, hides the village of Warwick, England. You’ll find that people are spirited and the grounds are especially well-kept—particularly on the eve of the Queen’s arrival.  Come and explore this majestic, boisterous celebration set upon more than 35 acres of untouched land. “

You can explore attractions, delightful food, exciting live jousting and regular themed weekends. We traveled there during the Fantasy, Fairies & the Future Weekend –  August 7th & 8th 2021. Many of the people attending dressed in amazing costumes celebrating their favorite characters and time periods. You can learn more on their web site.


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