Disney World’s Monsters Inc Laugh Floor – We Were Called On TWICE Before Show Closed

We loved Walt Disney World’s Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor at the Magic Kingdom. It was a fun interactive show featuring Mike Wazowski and a crew of funny stand up comedian monsters. We were made part of the Monsters Inc show TWICE while on vacation at Walt Disney World. Two years in a row Samantha made it up on the big screen, one time catching a little fame while her dad was targeted.

Monster’s Inc. Laugh Factory was one of our favorite shows at Disney World. Unfortunately because of Coronavirus it has been shut down. In 2020 we were at Disney World the week before it was closed due to COVID 19 leaving just two days before. We are so thankful to everyone who was a part of this show and glad we were able to see it one last time.

Everyone who was a part of this show did an amazing job and really made our vacation special by making us a part of it. These are two memories we will never forget and we are saddened that the show has been closed. Hopefully it will reopen again in the future.

Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor Disney Full Show

We didn’t get a chance to film the entire show while we were there. However others have. Check out this cool YouTube video of the entire show from back in 2017.


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