Roblox Pet Escape 2 Gameplay Video

We play a good game of hide and seek in Roblox Pet Escape 2! You’re a pet and you have to escape the store! Avoid dog catchers, animals with rabies and other players. Have lots of fun! Pet Escape 2 in Roblox is a fun game that will give you tons of funny moments.

American Kids Vids gamer girls love playing Roblox. Pet Escape 2 is an awesome game you should definitely check out.

All About Roblox Pet Escape 2

According to the Fandom Roblox Wiki the game Pet Escape 2 was created by Alkameltzer who owns Tugboat. This user also made Godzilla Simulator, Ghost Buster! and the High School Dorm Life.. Released on 9/1/2019 the Roblox game has three different game modes. Players can collect 18 different pet skins.

Parents Guide to Roblox

New to the online multiplayer game Roblox? Concerned about whether or not Roblox is safe for your kids? Check out our guide to Roblox for Parents. It’s important to keep your kids safe online. Parents new to the world of massively multiplayer gaming will definitely want to explore this guide we have created.

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