Adopt Me Halloween Pets First Look!

The Adopt Me Halloween update is officially out. We have all of the new pets including Blue Scorpion, Evil Dachshund, White Mummy Cat, Black Mummy Cat, Golden Mummy Cat, White Skeleton Dog, White Ghost Dragon. We are showing them off in this YouTube Shorts videos as well as the pictures below. We can’t wait to turn them into neons and mega neons in the coming weeks.

What Are the New Adopt Me Halloween Pets 2021?

The brand new 2021 Adopt Me Halloween Pets were released in the update on October 28th 2021. All of these adorable new pets can be purchased using candy gained by playing mini games. All except for the White Ghost Dragon which costs Robux! Take a look at images and pictures of the pets below. Right after they were released Roblox suffered a major disruption of service. Because Roblox was down Adopt Me! players couldn’t get their hands on these new pets. Fortunately we have images and video of them for you here!

Blue Scorpion

Evil Dachshund

Adopt Me Evil Dachshund Halloween Update

White Mummy Cat

White Mummy Cat Adopt Me Halloween Update

Black Mummy Cat

Adopt Me Black Mummy Cat

Golden Mummy Cat

Halloween Golden Cat

White Skeleton Dog

Adopt Me White Skeleton Dog

White Ghost Dragon

Adopt Me White Ghost Dragon

Adopt Me Videos

Make sure to check out all of our Roblox Adopt Me gaming videos on the American Kids Vids YouTube Channel.


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