Escape Mr Funny’s Toy Shop Walkthrough

In our latest kid friendly Roblox Youtube video we walk you through Escape Mr Funny’s Toy Shop! This fun Roblox obstacle game is filled with jump scares. Don’t worry though if you follow along with us you will survive the Obby and complete the game.

What is Escape Mr Funny’s Toy Shop Obby in Roblox?

Mr Funny is a dummy who comes to life at night. You need to escape his toy shop in this fun obstacle or hobby game in Roblox. Our video gives you a fun gameplay walkthrough of escape Mr Funny’s toy shop that should be able to help you escape. At the very least our entertaining kid friendly Roblox video will give you something family friendly to watch.

How Can You Play Escape Mr Funny’s Toy Shop?

This is both a mobile and pc friendly Roblox game available here.

Check out our kid friendly YouTube channel for videos.


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