Dad V Daughter Murder Mastery 2 Roblox

It’s dad vs daughter in Roblox Murder Mystery 2! Samantha and dad love playing MM2 in Roblox. Who will win this 1 v 1 matchup? It’s no contest who survives.

Our kid friendly Roblox videos are safe and family friendly. They feature fun gameplay of the best Roblox games there are. Make sure to check out Murder Mystery 2 by clicking this link to the game.

Is Murder Mystery 2 Kid Safe?

While the name Murder Mystery 2 might scare some parents away, the game only features cartoonish violence. There is no blood or gore giving children a chance to play a survival game like their older brothers and sisters without all of the real violent video game stuff parents don’t like. It’s a win, win for both parents and kids and we highly recommend.

The only thing parents should watch out for is that kids can purchase the ability to play their own music in the game and broadcast it to others. We have heard music that isn’t child appropriate in the game as some kids have found a way around Roblox content filters. With that said, Roblox has been making changes in recent times and we haven’t run into this issue lately.


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