Aphmau Donut Cat Plush Merch Unboxing

It’s time for an Aphmau merch unboxing video! We unbox the Donut Cat plushie from Aphmau’s merchandise store. Watch as Victoria plays with her new stuffed toy and shows off this adorable plushie.

We love unboxing Youtuber merch and Aphmau is one of our favorite channels.

Aphmau Donut Cat Plush

The Aphmau merch store features tons of adorable items but the big prizes are the selection of cute themed cat plushies.

In addition to Donut Cat there is

  • Soda Cat
  • Taco Cat
  • Cheeseburger Cat
  • Johnny Cat
  • Potato Cat
  • Pumpkin Cat
  • Meow~Meow Meal

Christmas Plushies

We have also unboxed the limited edition Christmas plushies. Check out our Aphmau Chrismas Plushies featuring Reindeer Cat and Snowman Cat unboxing video.


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