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We unbox the InquisitorMaster Spooky Collection Halloween Plushies! These cute little limited edition plush toys feature every member of the squad dressed up for the holiday. The holy grail of the Squad pack! This bundle is complete with all the plushies and matching Miss Misa pins! We did order the pins but they haven’t arrived yet.

Victoria loves InquisitorMaster and these plushies are our first for our many YouTuber merch unboxing videos. We’ve already ordered more from including the Miss Misa plushie and The Fairytale Collection.

InquisitorMaster Spooky Collection Plush Review

Each member of the InquisitorMaster Squad has their own plush in this set.

  • Alex is a halloween kitten.
  • Drake is a vamp kitten.
  • Zach is a demon kitten.
  • Jade is a zombie kitten.
  • Light is a bat kitten.
  • Charli is a pumpkin kitten.

The attention to detail is great with each plush fully representing their character. Tiny little details that help tell their characters story and showcase their personality are included. You cannot go wrong with them as a bundled set but if you can only get one or two these little details make each individual plush stand on their own.

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