Among Us Gameplay Video

We join the gaming revolution that is Among Us! Samantha and Victoria try to figure out who the imposter is. These girl gamers kick butt while telling jokes and having fun. See some adorable Among Us Gameplay with funny moments.

Among Us Gameplay Video How to Play

Developed by indie company InnerSloth Among Us is available for download on both iOS and Android and can be played on a PC using an Android emulator. Learning how to play Among Us is easy. Gamers play as astronauts trying to keep a spaceship together. They are given tasks to complete. There is at least one imposter among them, someone dedicated to sabotaging the ship and killing all of the players.

Each player needs to try and complete their tasks while also determining who this imposter is. Also, kind of important, they need to STAY ALIVE!

Among Us is a really fun game you should check out! Make sure to also watch all of our gaming videos especially our Roblox gameplay videos. Then check out some of the other things we do like YouTuber merch unboxing videos. If you’re a fan of InquisitorMaster LankyBox, Aphmau or It’s Funneh you are definitely going to love these vids.

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