Toy Planet Brand New Roblox Game

There is a brand new Roblox game that is still in development called Toy Planet. The game combines some of the best elements of games you love like Adopt Me into a world that looks like it is bound to grow.

You can play the alpha here.

Toy Planet Gameplay 🧸🧸

Official Description

“Enter a wacky world where toys you make are able to come to life! Craft anything you can imagine: toys, stuffed animals, cars, houses, furniture, and more! Explore the world and beyond with your toy companions by your side and participate in exciting events!”

Toyland looks like a city that has been decimated. You need to help the Toy Master seek out parts to bring life and color back. Once you do the game really shines. There are beautiful bright colors and a fun mix of characters to meet and interact with. Exploring the junkyard and toy land your character can collect parts like many other Roblox games. Then you can go to the toy workshop and grab recipes to make your own toys. There is also a house to decorate.

Toy Planet Things to Know

While the world being built is beautiful and filled with things to explore this is a game still in development. Many things don’t work, glitches and bugs exist and much of the gameplay still needs to be added. Also it takes Robux to play! That’s why the American Kids Vids team thought it would be fun to take everyone on a tour. For more information and updates check out the Toy Planet Team on Twitter.

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