InquisitorMaster Fairy Tale Collection Plush Unboxing –

We unbox the Fairy Tale Collection plush bundle from Shop With Misa and the InquisitorMaster YouTube channel. These cute little plush toys show off our favorite members of the Squadl. We love unboxing InquisitorMaster merchandise from the Misa shop!

InquisitorMaster Fairy Tale Collection Review

This plushie bundle includes the following plush toys

  • Fairy Jade
  • Fire Dragon Charlie
  • Dragon Light
  • Prince Zack
  • Wizard Drake
  • Prince Zach
  • Princess Alex

The entire cast of the InquisitorMaster Squad is here! This InquisitorMaster merchandise is adorable and each individual character is given their own special styling with little details that help their personalities shine. We like the attention to detail and the way each plush toy helps tell the characters unique story.

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We love to unbox YouTuber merch and InquisitorMaster is one of our favorite channels. Previously we unboxed the InquisitorMaster Spooky Collection and the Miss Misa plush! We also got the Alex Sleepover Onesie and Mini Mystery Misa Plushies. I am sure we will have plenty of other unboxings in the future.


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