InquisitorMaster Alex Sleepover Onesie Unboxing

The Alex Sleepover Onesie from Shop With Misa is here! This adorable InquisitorMaster merchandise will keep you warm and in style all winter long. It features a warm blanket-like liner and is colored and styled to look like the famous Miss Misa. It’s the perfect snuggle time companion to the Miss Misa Plushie.

Alex Sleepover Onesie Review

The InquisitorMaster Alex Sleepover Onesie is comfortable, warm, adorable and sure to delight anyone who wears it. We highly recommend it! Grab your Alex Onesie Misa store merch before it’s sold out.

InquisitorMaster Squad Onesies

Victoria’s favorite InquisitorMaster character is Alex so this sleepover onesie was an easy choice. You can also purchase a onesie themed in all of the characters.

  • Zach Sleepover Onesie
  • Light Sleepover Onesie
  • Charli Sleepover Onesie
  • Jade Sleepover Onesie
  • Drake Sleepover Onesie

Each of these are styled in that characters signature colors and themed with an animal design. If you love InquisitorMaster then these are for you!


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