Massive New Present Unboxing – Roblox Adopt Me Gift Update

There is a major Roblox adopt me update 2021 gift refresh with new toys and vehicles. Watch as we unbox a large number of these new presents. Roblox Adopt Me is one of the biggest Roblox games. New adopt me update 2021 is focused on updating the gifts. They have been making major updates over 2020 and the Adopt Me 2021 updates keep rolling in. The adopt me present update makes this one of the best roblox games to play 2021. Watch this and more on the American Kids Vids YouTube Channel.

Adopt Me Gift Update

  • 19 NEW items including toys, strollers, grappling hooks!
  • 4 NEW Legendary vehicles! One vehicle will be in the Gift Rotation at the time, so check the display every week to see which vehicles are available!
  • New gift prizes will be available in all the gifts from the update release – If you buy a Gift before the update is live, and open it after the update goes live, the Gift will have the new items in it

Full List of New Adopt Me Gift Items

  1. Hovercar (Vehicle)
  2. Butterfly Roller Skates,
  3. Futuristic Unicycle,
  4. Catapult Stroller,
  5. High Heel Stroller,
  6. Lime Slice Propeller,
  7. Shuttle Pogo,
  8. Space Grappling Hook,
  9. Potato Chew Toy,
  10. Magic Wand Grappling Hook,
  11. Armchair Float,
  12. Controller Balloon,
  13. Princess Rattle,
  14. Burger Balloon,
  15. Plate of Food Disc,
  16. Flying Saucer Disc,
  17. Huggable Pillow,
  18. Soda Chew Toy,
  19. Celestial Leash,
  20. Sun Balloon

Parents Guide to Roblox

New to the online multiplayer game Roblox? Concerned about whether or not Roblox is safe for your kids? Check out our guide to Roblox for Parents. It’s important to keep your kids safe online. Parents new to the world of massively multiplayer gaming will definitely want to explore this guide we have created.

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