Roblox The Passenger Scary Story Rides

Roblox The Passenger is a horror story game that is part of the Scary Story Rides series. You can find the game here on Roblox. The official description says, “Are you ready? Hold on tight and expect the unexpected! You’ll be shocked!”

Roblox The Passenger Game Description

In this game we meet a girl named Maggie who is excited about going to her high school prom. Unfortunately when she gets there Maggie is the only girl who can’t find someone to dance with. Heartbroken she decides to leave and walk home but after almost getting hit by a car she stops and begins crying. It’s then that a young man drives up and offers her a ride. That’s when the scary stuff happens!

Find out what mystery is lurking in this scary story ride game!

Scary Stories Ride Series

The Roblox scary stories ride series features games that all have hidden twists! These stories are just the right amount of scary but not too gruesome. That means everyone in the family can enjoy them!

We have played several of these games. Want more? Check out the YouTube videos below.

Roblox I See You Scary Stories Ride
Roblox The Babysitter Scary Stories Ride


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