Roblox The Survey Scary Horror Gameplay Video

We play Roblox The Survey a scary horror game that asks you questions to determine if you’re qualified. We get the bad ending and show you full gameplay. This is one Roblox horror game that scares us because we don’t entirely know what the point is to all of the creepy happenings! This is definitely one of the fun Roblox games to play when you’re bored.

Our YouTube video featuring The Survey is filled with Roblox funny moments. As always our videos are family friendly featuring no swearing and no cussing. Just fun family Roblox gameplay that everyone can enjoy.

Roblox The Survey Gameplay Video & More Roblox YouTube

You can play the game by clicking this link. Be warned it is intense! This game has been played by many of our favorite Roblox YouTubers.

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Parents Guide to Roblox

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