How to Make a Legendary Adopt Me Neon Axolotl

Want to know how to make a neon axolotl in Adopt Me? Want to see what it looks like? Is it as adorable as you would expect? This Roblox YouTube video is for you! That’s right the adorable axolotl has been released in Roblox Adopt Me and we have turned it into a neon! Watch the neon axolotl YouTube video to see it in action

What is an Axolotl?

An axolotl is a species of salamander that spend their entire lives in fresh water. They are sometimes mistaken to be fish and are also called Mexican walking fish. What makes them adorable? They have big mouths in the shape of a smile! That’s why so many people love them.

How to Get a Neon Axolotl in Adopt Me

In Adopt Me an Axolotl is a legendary pet that was released on August 25th 2021. You can purchase axolotl’s for 600 robux in the Pet Shop. It takes four of these pets to make a neon. Each must be grown into an adult. Then you take the four pets to the Neon Cave.

Once in the cave the full grown pets must be placed on the glowing circles at the edge of the platform. Then their spirits are fused into one amazing pet. This new pet now glows!

The neon axolotl glows a bright yellow color in the insides of its gills and the spots running down from the top of its head to the end of its tail.

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