Piggy Hunt Full Gameplay Video

Piggy Hunt is a brand new game that was just released on Steam. It features all of the characters you love from Roblox Piggy only with totally new gameplay similar to Among Us. We’ve been excited about this since the trailer dropped a few weeks ago. Now we finally get to play! The game will be available on mobile but currently you can purchase it for Windows PC on Steam. Check out our piggy hunt full gameplay video.

Piggy Hunt was developed by PhatMojo and MiniToon. It currently costs $4.99 for the Steam version.

The Story & Gameplay

The player arrives at Lucella Manor which is old and abandoned. They are shocked to find that the lights are on and decide to investigate. In the house they are chased by an infected pig and need to escape!

The game supports 6 players per server. They must work together to find all the items on the map while avoiding the infected player who is hunting them.

There is currently no option for a bot to play as the infected. Only a real player can control this character similar to how Among Us is played.

Once a player has been attacked by the infected, they can continue watching gameplay as a ghost. The ghost version of the player does have the ability to temporarily stun the infected one time.

Where Can You Get This Piggy Game?

Currently there is one and only place to get this cool new game and that is on Steam. It is also only available for Windows PC’s. We played on a computer with dedicated graphics, 16GB of RAM and a decent processor and gameplay was smooth. Previously we did try playing on lower end Windows laptop and the game was unplayable. We will test this out on a few different machines in the future.

Will There Be a Piggy Hunt Mobile Version?

The developers have said there will be a mobile version of the game, likely ad supported, but no timeline has been given for release.


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