Adopt Me Halloween Pets 2021 – We Got Them Before Roblox Crashed!

Roblox crashed on the same day the Adopt Me Halloween Pets 2021 were released! Luckily we were able to get all pets including the Blue Scorpion, Evil Dachshund, White Mummy Cat, Black Mummy Cat, Golden Mummy Cat, White Skeleton Dog, White Ghost Dragon before the outage. We’re showing those pets off in this latest video. You can also see photos of the Adopt Me Halloween Pets here.

Adopt Me Halloween Pets 2021 Update

The brand new Adopt Me! halloween pets are adorable. The update is filled with new mini games, lots of surprises, new items and loads of fun. All of the pets can be acquired by obtaining special candy corn treats through the mini games. All except the White Ghost Dragon which can only be purchased using Robux.

List of all new pets

  • Blue Scorpion
  • Evil Dachshund
  • White Mummy Cat
  • Black Mummy Cat
  • Golden Mummy Cat
  • White Skeleton Dog
  • White Ghost Dragon

Roblox Down 2021

Unfortunately Roblox suffered a massive multi-day outage in October 2021 right before Halloween. We were able to get video of the new Adopt Me Halloween pets 2021 right before it did. Roblox provided few details about the outage which appears to be technical in nature and according to the company not tied to a major Chipotle promotion or an external cyberattack. We are hoping services will be restored soon and gamers everywhere will be able to play this new Adopt Me update along with all of their favorite games!

Adopt Me Halloween Pets 2021 Mummy Cat

American Kids Vids Adopt Me

We love playing adopt me on our American Kids Vids YouTube channel. Recently we have been making neon and mega neon mythic pets. Check out our Axolotl, Wyvern, Mega Neon Merhorse, Wolpertinger and Kirin. Watch those videos and many more on our channel and this web site. Thanks for watching!


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