Roblox Airplane Story 4 ✈️ Scary Horror Gameplay Video

We play Roblox Airplane Story 4! We love the Roblox airplane story games and the creator has said this is the last one! General Poncho, Ronald, pilot Keilly and all your other favorite characters return in this, the conclusion! This is definitely one of the fun Roblox games to play when you’re bored.

Roblox Airplane 4

It has all come down to this. The airplane series is a very popular genre of games on Roblox. These are scary horror story games with interconnected stories. Check out Roblox Airplane, Airplane 2 and Airplane 3. A lot can go wrong on a plane and in each of these it does! From snakes on the plane to attempted assignations, zombified human monsters and so much more. The developer has created an entire world of their own.

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Parents Guide to Roblox

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